N/N Consulting offers consulting in the area of Information Technology and is a secondary business run by Guido Nettelnstroth. After having completed my studies in Business Administration at the University of Augsburg with the degree of Diplom Kaufmann, I started to work as a freelancer. In the early days, the main focus of N&N Consulting was on training for companies and adult eduction. In the course of time, this changed to consulting, rollout planing and IT interim management. My portfolio covered the common office products and some ERP systems, later I moved on to SAP. Milestones to mention have been the certifications for the modules FI/CO and HR and as a trainer by SAP.

In the early years of the new millennia, I was hired by one of Germany’s largest DIY chains for the introduction of SAP Retail to their business. Ever since that time, I have been full-time employed and N&N Consulting has to co-exist with my main job as an employee.
One side of the coin is, that I can’t be exclusively, nor on short notice or for an extended period of time, available for my customers. On the other side, my expertise and the areas in which I can do well founded an serious consulting is constantly growing.

The main roles as an employee have been SAP Solution Designer for a central part of the ERP solution and as a trainer coach in the subsequent rollout. After this, I moved on to a management position in one of Germany’s largest DIY retail stores in M√ľnchen/Freiham. Personal reasons led to this move, returning from Rheinland Pfalz to my home in the greater Augsburg area. Following the experience as a manager, I became a SAP consultant in the CCoE of one of Europes largest dairy concerns with a focus on various projects and later on SAP archiving. The most challenging project was the exchange of the existing solution to a new one, including a migration of the data.
After some years I was offered the chance to join the ECM team of a leading manufacturer of Diesel engines for ships and power plants in Augsburg. This offered the opportunity to be part of the team which introduced opentext applications to the business. My main role her is system design, organization of operations besides process consulting and Implementation.

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