What can you expect from N&N Consulting, what can we offer to you? The nature of my endeavor puts a clear focus on consulting, consulting within the IT business. Projektmanagement and realization of projects are truly my core competencies, but my main employment does not leave the time, to seriously offer this. „Part-time solutions“ or „in the evening“ are no valid options to ensure the best possible result for you. If you are in need of a service like this, I can recommend you very competent partners offering this. Many years in the business enable me to choose what is best to cover the various topics and needs. My focus in consulting lies within these areas

  • Archiving and archiving processes
  • Document management
  • ERP systems
  • Invoicing solution and backup concepts for freelancer, small businesses and craftsmen
  • Consulting on web hosting and website maintenance
  • Process analysis
  • Software selection processes

Many topics are complex and closely interwoven with each other; „out of the box“ solutions do exist, but under normal circumstances they require some sort of customization. Get in touch with me, in a personal conversation we can evaluate the possibilities of a cooperation. To keep this page „clean“, there is a sub-entry here, my Blog. That is not a place to make myself look important, whoever wants or needs this, is using different media. Nothing for me, by the way. Every now and then I have some experiences within the realm of IT of which I think, that they might be beneficial for others too. Maybe you can find something there, you have been searching for. Anyways, I try to blog something new at this place on a regular basis; bare with me, if it is not every day or week.